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Umbria, a region with a beautiful soul: where to discover the art of living in the frame of a landscape that never ceases to amaze.
A paradise for botanists and birdwatchers: the crisp air of the forest, the moss on the ancient trunk and the relaxed beat that aligns with the rhythm of everything around it. Perhaps this is the deepest dimension that guides our steps with binoculars around our necks...Umbria: nature as art.

Nature parks

An immersion in nature and in the unique landscapes of the regional nature parks!

Umbria is the green Heart of Italy: its territory is rich in parks, protected areas and areas of natural interest, suitable for discovery and adventure tours. Umbria is home to a large part of the Monti Sibillini national park as well as seven regional parks: the park of Colfiorito, the park of Monte Cucco, the park of Monte Subasio, the Tiber River Park, the Park of Monte Peglia and Selva di Meana, the Park of Lake Trasimeno and the River Park of Nera. Each park offers a story that is told through environmental and naturalistic features: flora, fauna, waterways, lakes and geological stratifications, all elements that embody the essence of the Umbrian parks, embellished by several cultural testimonies left mainly because these areas used to belong to the most important routes of communication in the past. A unique nature awaits you!

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