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Food & wine

Food is a quintessential part of life in Umbria. Day to day life is often interrupted by festivals celebrating seasonal produce. There are local markets on everyday of the week selling classic Italian ingredients. If you're feeling inspired, there are cooking courses and truffle hunting trips available which are great fun and a big hit with gourmet travellers.

Taste routes

Discover the itineraries of taste

Umbria is a land of unique and unmistakable flavours: from chocolate to honey, from lake fish to pork butchery. Umbria will amaze you with its variety of flavours and typical products: from fish to pork, from chocolate to dairy products. Umbria is a region of ancient culinary traditions that are often maintained and sometimes revisited: a set of flavours, colours and aromas to be discovered. A possible itinerary is through the famous “wine trails” that will satisfy all five senses by way of nature, taste, history and traditions. Besides the obvious wine tasting, one can take part in food and wine traditions and admire the old crafts of ceramics, glass and wood - typical artisan goods with ancient origins. Montefalco takes its name from the passion for falcon hunting of Frederic II who spent an entire year here in 1249. This is the land of sagrantino, an ancient varietal in its land of birth. From the Latin sacer, a sacred wine for the celebrations of Christian tradition that marked the rhythm of rural life, it was originally consumed in the passita style. Around the middle of the last century it was made into wine and bottled in the dry style.

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