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Events & festivals

Have you ever breathed in the heavy breathing of galloping horses? The lance spearing the ring followed by a resounding applause. Have you ever listened to the notes of a sax during a street concert? Were you ever touched by the delicate harmony of a ballet? Umbria is a never-ending spectacle.
Umbria has an enormous variety and number of traditional events throughout the year. The local communities treat these events as an opportunity to confirm their roots and identity, and it is a wonderful opportunity for tourists to experience genuine expressions of Umbrian culture and folklore.


Festival colours and sounds in Umbria

Umbria hosts events, such as Umbria Jazz, the jazz music festival that every year gathers together the most important artists of the jazz world. In Spoleto, the Festival dei due Mondi immerses spectators in the noble arts of music, dance, theatre, and literature against the wonderful scenery the town has to offer.

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