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Art and history

Villa Capanne offers its guests the opportunity to explore numerous places of historical importance and beauty. Beautiful monasteries, piazzas, winding streets, medieval towns and cathedrals are plentiful. Florence is also easily reached within an hour and half by train or car.
Look around you: an Etruscan well, Roman monuments but also Byzantine mosaics and even Giotto and Perugino. You will find places not so different from centuries ago, where everything has kept its charm unchanged.

Places of culture

The charm of Umbria: a combination of art and nature ...

Where art, history and religion meet. Museums, churches, hermitages, abbeys, libraries, archives, archaeological sites, monumental complexes, theatres: the treasures of Umbria, all to be discovered. Perugia, Umbria’s main city dates back to Antiquity and is composed of a higher section on the hill, whence the Medieval villages spread out on its slopes. The historic center teems with cultural and architectural masterpieces, with one of the most extensive museum collections in Italy. Gubbio, the oldest village in Umbria that reached its full splendor in the Middle Ages; the Cathedral; the Consul’s Palace, symbol of the town; and the Ducal Palace are just some of the attractions that testify to Gubbio's status as a jewel of Umbria. Another of the countless charming Umbrian cities is Orvieto, with its famous Duomo, one of the masterpieces of Italian Gothic art.Between art and spirituality, a visit to the Medieval town of Assisi is essential; a UNESCO World Heritage Site,its represents “a series of masterpieces of man‘s creative spirit.” Everything revolves around its most renowned citizen, St. Francis, Patron Saint of Italy.

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